Image by Nicole Mason

Hey I'm Ben! 

So I take pictures, my mindset is always about incorporating both the beauty of the pnw with the beauty of my client. There's something special about the North West, something that you just don't get anywhere else, how to explain it? well, you can't you can just look, live, and enjoy it! That's really what I'm all about! As a mountain biker, skier, and backpacker, and just general PNW explorer, i have slowly started to soak in everything this area since the day I was born right in CDA over 19 years ago. Some may get bored of where they live by the time they hit Grad age, but not me! This area is just too special and there will never be a replacement in my heart for the small friendly area of North Idaho. That's where photography comes in, if you want to live in this area, you gotta find a means of living and income, so it was kinda a no-brainer starting a photography business when I had a sweet Canon DSLR camera that I had saved up for since I was 15. (I have since upgraded to full frame BTW) But yeah that's my story! Lets get in touch!