Ben Latham

Hey Im Ben Latham

Hey so I'm Ben, the guy behind the camera.

(ignore the button that is unbuttoned) 

With Up North Photography, this is what's important to me: 

- Quality 

- Emotion

- Story 

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My Story - sorry its kinda long 

Growing up I was OBSESSED with bikes. when I say obsessed, I mean it! When my parents would take my siblings and I to the playground, I'd bring my bike. Slides where fun and all, but what was even more fun was whipping around the poles and drifting those fluffy wood chips. This all started when I came across a story book from my grandma. This book was old and tattered but it had one story that was named "Bongo The Bear". It was about a little kid bear that was in the circus and would perform on the "sky high" tightrope on his little red bike. I'd have my mom read it over and over again almost every night. (the nights that she didn't, I'd read it myself even though I couldn't even read yet, but no worries there because I had it memorized haha.) 

The days at the park transferred into days in the driveway with a wooden ramp that I had made. Those days transferred into days in the woods at my new house that had property. This is at the age of around 10-11, I didn't have a phone, I had no idea that mountain biking and jumps were actually a thing outside of our little world. a year or two passes and we found out about "downhill mountain biking" my cousin that was a few years older than me bought his first "real" bike. this was not a Walmart bike - this one had Fox Racing stickers on the Shocks. (It was actually an early 2000's Specialized Big-Hit.) It was the bike we'd see in the Red-bull Rampage videos on YT. That was it, we all had to get cool bikes! I got a summer job at my neighbors and used that money to buy an early 2000's Kona Stinky (this was around 2013) It was all I could ever dream for. My passion just grew from there!


This is where the passion for cameras comes in. My grandpa gifted me a Gopro hero 3 when I went to visit him... it was the newest one at the time. I loved it but soon realized that it didn't zoom so I ended up trading with a friend for a Samsung camcorder. Soon I realized that it wasn't high enough resolution (it was 1.3 megapixels). After a few more thrift-store cameras that just weren't good enough, I decided I was going to go on craigslist and spend $100 dollars on a camera. I met an old man out in a crappy apartment in Spokane with my mom. - Super old guy with antique camera equipment EVERYWHERE! he gave me a great deal and kinda seemed like Santa. The new camera was Great! It had interchangeable lenses. A few months go by and he randomly called me on a Saturday morning. He wanted to give me an upgraded version of the one I had for FREE! At this point I was set on starting my career (age 13). I was at one of the local parks and rec. soccer games practicing shots on my little brother. He stoped by the game in his clapped out SUV... He gave me the camera and Lots of old Minolta lenses and talked to me for a while applauding me for my "amazing shots" that I was proudly showing him. This camera was a life-changer, it had 2 more megapixels! A couple of years pass from there and its 2019. The Sony cameras from the old man had seen their time; one had a broken screen from a bike incident, and the other had issues due to taking pictures in the rain (also from biking). It was time to get a new camera. This time I bought a Canon. I was great! I even did my first ever paid shoot on it! But sooner or later I learned about full-frame cameras so then I bought the original Canon 6D. It was actually a really good camera. (a good chunk of my work has been done with that camera). That kinda brings me to where I am now: At age 19, I own a photography company, manage a bike shop, and launched a film company mid 2022. Skys the limit from here. If you read all the way to this point, you have too much time on your hands haha. And yes, I'm still obsessed with bikes. 

Thanks for reading, 

Ben Latham